Ten Annoying Aspects of Daily Living


10. Every business you buy from; every business you talk to asks you to take a survey. You get them in the mail or you receive a message to stay on the line, or press #1 if you want to take a survey. No! Not ever! Leave me alone already.

09. Advertising inserts placed in the morning paper in such a way that guarantee they fall on the ground immediately after the paper has been touched.

08. EVERY SINGLE TIME I go grocery shopping, I leave my twenty seven recycling bags in the trunk of the car.

07. Prior to being connected to any business in this country, having to listen to a pre-recorded message that the call may be monitored for quality assurance. And people don’t think the NSA is forthcoming.

06. Seeing someone post on Facebook one word like “awesome” and receiving 68 “likes”. I think the most “likes” I ever received at one time was 12, when I wrote I thought I won the lottery.

05. Having too many “ists” in my life; internists, cardiologists, urologists, and dermatologists. The upside is having a great health insurance policy that I can keep…I think.

04. Plastic wrapped “penny saver” newspapers delivered twice a week, even during hurricanes. Their brief useful life expectancy lasts between being picked up and discarded in the paper recycle bin, sans the plastic wrap which is discarded in the house.

03. Any TV commercial that contains the words “ask your doctor”. These drugs usually are described as having serious side affects ranging from having an erection that lasts for four hours to sudden death! Ahhh, let me put that another way. These drugs may have serious side affects that range from loss of vision to sudden death.

02. Since pledging to blog daily, now unintentionally thinking and worrying every fifteen minutes about what interesting subject can I blog about today.

01. And the number one annoying aspect of daily living is my wife’s attitude about me touching her iPhone. Once I accidently downloaded all of my contacts onto her phone and she was not happy and has never let me forget it. So the iPhone is not a sharePhone…it is really a herPhone.


About Alan G Billingsley

My career has been varied, including time as a newspaper deliverer, lifeguard, bubble gum maker, door-to-door detergent promoter, telephone book proofreader, short order cook, private employment agency counselor and owner, office and credit manger, infantryman, pots and pans salesman, Chinese restaurant cook, Chinese restaurant owner, public employment counselor, budget analyst, tax analyst, grant administrator, radio announcer, radio and television show host, disk jockey, automobile valet, child advocate, and now retiree. I've seldom been bored.
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2 Responses to Ten Annoying Aspects of Daily Living

  1. Haha..these were great! Thanks for sharing.. I love the second one, especially!

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