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That Kind of Day

Why is it that different devices show different postings on social media platforms. I like what I see on Twitter using my cell phone more than the tweets I see on my iPad, but I prefer the iPad because the … Continue reading

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When Mom Met The Hard-of-Hearing Dwarf, The Love of My Life

My Mom was one of those “unconditional love” types of mothers. Anything I did; anywhere I went; each and everything in my life was met with approval from the woman who birthed and raised me. In 1986, I was planning … Continue reading

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Procrastinating Pope (A Fantasy)

(my phone rings late yesterday morning) Hello Hello Big Al, my friend, this is Francis. Hi Papa, Merry Christmas! Not so merry I’m afraid. Oh no, what’s the problem? I can’t find my manger set. You’re the Pope, ask for … Continue reading

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“Oh My God, Would You Look At Those Eyes!”

A woman I had never met before, standing near me, yelled those titled words after I answered her question by replying I had not worked on the jigsaw puzzle that was on top of a small table I sat near. … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Seen Anything As Lovely As A Knee?

                OK…if you can stop booing over my poetic license, I wanted to share that, in the morning I am heading out to the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Weston, FL to undergo the knife. … Continue reading

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